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Welcome To Rads Jewellery

Rads Jewellery is a family-owned business that offers an unmatched Jewellery Experience. We specialize in engagement rings, men’s bands, and wedding bands, carrying brands such as Noam Carver, CARLEX, Thomas Sabo, Rebecca, Zeghani, and others. Our services include custom engagement rings and jewellery, jewellery repair, watch repair, and appraisals.

Founded in 1980, Rads Jewellery began in the heart of Toronto, Yonge and Dundas. Fast-forward to 2011, we opened our second location at 101 Yorkville Avenue, in the heart of Toronto’s most exclusive district. Since then, Rads Jewellery has focused on one thing: providing our clients with the greatest jewellery experience possible. People shouldn’t be nervous or intimidated to go into a jewellery, it should be something they should look forward to or even excited about. And when they do go into a store, they shouldn’t be met with jaw-dropping prices for items that cost a fraction of the price to be manufactured. It’s a formula that puts clients at the short-end of the stick.

We truly believe that is time for a paradigm shift in the jewellery sector. It is still a luxury world and will always continue to be so, but it’s time for a change in how people are treated in this sector. We provide you with the very best in quality and craftsmanship while trying to keep the final cost as low as possible, doing our best to try to pass on those savings to you, the customer. By being a family-owned business with low overhead costs and long-term supplier relations, we aim to give you the very best jewellery you could possibly imagine all at a price that is truly reasonable and affordable to all budgets.

Who Is Rads Jewellery

To provide the greatest Jewellery Experience possible to our clients. From the initial consultation to the final product, we want to make it as relaxed, enjoyable, and memorable experience possible.

Jewellery should be something that people want to purchase regularly, like clothes or shoes. It shouldn’t be something that brings with conceptions of extreme price or big investment. That’s why we want to make jewellery as affordable as can be for you.
Based on our years of experience, family-owned operating structure, and long-time supplier relations, we will do everything in our capability to bring you to greatest quality and craftsmanship possible while keeping the price as affordable as can be.
Whether it’s a design you saw on social media or just a design you made yourself, we can bring to life with ease. Just choose your dimensions, your materials (metal, stones, chains, etc.), and we’ll get started on your order. We’ll send you images along the way so you know what you’re getting every step of the way.

Our Expertise

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