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CrownRing designs matrimonial jewelry collections offering both men’s and women’s wedding bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands and more to honour the couple in love. The CrownRing brand currently boasts eight collections that range from more affordable options to high-end luxury pieces.


Parthian Imperial

A world of splendour, artisanship, and architecture. Parthian Imperial specializes in fabricating exquisite pieces of jewelry and fashion. All jewelry pieces are created from Tungsten Carbide and come with lifetime guarantees. Founded in Toronto, Parthian Imperial envisions a new class in luxury and indulgence in fashion.



A brand exclusive to North America, Zeghani is a breath-taking combination of design and affordability. It is under the umbrella of Simon G. and sells mainly within the bridal and fashion jewellery sectors. All pieces come in 14k as standard so as the balance beauty, affordability, and elegance.



Since 1983, Malo has offered a vast selection of traditional and contemporary wedding bands, and designed beautiful creations to help our customers express their eternal love for one another.Each piece reflects the quality, artistry and experience of the master craftsman. Malo brings creations that combine precious metals with desirable gems.


Thomas Sabo

Extraordinary attention to detail is paid in the creation of trend-oriented designs which range from classic and elegant, to flamboyant and edgy. This, together with the highest standards of product quality and designed rooted in sterling silver are the key characteristics of the world of THOMAS SABO.